Strong in steel

Fenix 2 - Rotterdam

Strong in steel

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Strong in steel

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Strong in steel

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CSM “Steel Structures” NV is one of the most important European companies in the area of high-quality steel construction.

Architecture & High-rise

No other material is as strong and simultaneously as light and slender as steel. Moreover, one can contrive and develop the most intricate forms and structures using steel.

For this reason, steel is often used in architectural structures, mostly in combination with impressive glass elements. In such cases, steel is integrated in the architectural design.


Industry needs with regard to steel construction is extremely varied, from simple to exceptionally complex.

Firstly, the complexity of a project can be the result of the project’s degree of difficulty itself: heavy components, difficult welds, high-quality preservation …


CSM has acquired a large amount of expertise over the years with regard to Casing & Ducting.

The large boilers in electric power plants are mostly made out of large steel casing wall elements.

These casing elements are often designed in heat resistant materials, such as 16Mo3 or 13CrMo4-5, of which the strength is less affected at higher temperatures than is the case with construction steel.


There are many different types of bridges: draw bridges and stationary bridges, bridges over roads and over water, pedestrian bridges and railway bridges ... They all have one thing in common though: quality and safety are the primary concerns.

Steel bridges are constructions under dynamic loads. CSM maintains the highest qualification requirements for such structures: EXC3-4 according to EN1090-2 or Class E according to DIN18800-7. The Welders work in accordance with the strictest applicable welding tolerances.

Amusement park attractions

People have been enjoying more and more leisure time during the past few decades and amusement parks have become a booming business. The attractions that are designed for this purpose must constantly be more inventive and spectacular: the higher, faster, more varying, more surprising, the better.

Steel is the ideal material for creating such highly technological structures. Conventional roller coasters, mad houses or rotating arms, as well as underwater rides, or a combination thereof, are all possible.

Work in progress

At the moment, we are working on the projects listed below. You can come back at any time and take a look at the progress being made through new photographs or video material.

Steel applications in international projects

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ISO 9001 - de internationale norm voor kwaliteitsmanagementsystemen Veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu Checklist Aannemers ISO 14001 - de internationaal geaccepteerde standaard met eisen voor een milieumanagementsysteem EN 1090 - Europese normen die de fabricage en montage van staal- en aluminiumconstructies regelen ISO 9001 certificaat