Product groups

People have been enjoying more and more leisure time during the past few decades and amusement parks have become a booming business. The attractions that are designed for this purpose must constantly be more inventive and spectacular: the higher, faster, more varying, more surprising, the better.

Steel is the ideal material for creating such highly technological structures. Conventional roller coasters, mad houses or rotating arms, as well as underwater rides, or a combination thereof, are all possible.

Knowledge and know-how

CSM has the know-how to produce the steel components for such attractions. Roller coasters are manufactured in transportable subcomponents which are custom made and placed together three dimensionally in the shop so that they can be assembled to form larger components on site without any problems.

Mechanical and electric components can be built in to drive the moving parts and extra safety measures must ensure a spectacular, but safe ride.

High quality

The highest qualification requirements for structures apply to these constructions under dynamic loads : working according to EXC3-4 according to EN1090-2 or Class E according to DIN18800-7 is not a problem for CSM. The strictest welding tolerances are consistently implemented.

Weather-proof preservation can be applied in-house. The visual aspect obviously receives the necessary attention in this regard.

Recent realizations

ISO 9001 - de internationale norm voor kwaliteitsmanagementsystemen Veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu Checklist Aannemers ISO 14001 - de internationaal geaccepteerde standaard met eisen voor een milieumanagementsysteem EN 1090 - Europese normen die de fabricage en montage van staal- en aluminiumconstructies regelen ISO 9001 certificaat