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CSM has acquired a large amount of expertise over the years with regard to Casing & Ducting.

The large boilers in electric power plants are mostly made out of large steel casing wall elements.

These casing elements are often designed in heat resistant materials, such as 16Mo3 or 13CrMo4-5, of which the strength is less affected at higher temperatures than is the case with construction steel.

Professional approach

To limit the loss of energy, this casing is insulated with heat resistant insulation materials which in turn are screened off with heat resistant inner sheeting.

The insulation mats -often in multiple layers- are kept in place by pins welded onto the casing.

The evenness on the inside of the boiler casing or inner sheeting must insure that there’s a smooth gas flow and a minimum loss of power. Also ducting in construction steel or in heat resistant materials typically form part of such power plants.

For all applied materials, the corresponding welding requirements and procedures are available and the welders are qualified to weld these materials.

Recent realizations

ISO 9001 - de internationale norm voor kwaliteitsmanagementsystemen Veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu Checklist Aannemers ISO 14001 - de internationaal geaccepteerde standaard met eisen voor een milieumanagementsysteem EN 1090 - Europese normen die de fabricage en montage van staal- en aluminiumconstructies regelen ISO 9001 certificaat