Product groups

There are many different types of bridges: draw bridges and stationary bridges, bridges over roads and over water, pedestrian bridges and railway bridges ... They all have one thing in common though: quality and safety are the primary concerns.

Steel bridges are constructions under dynamic loads. CSM maintains the highest qualification requirements for such structures: EXC3-4 according to EN1090-2 or Class E according to DIN18800-7. The Welders work in accordance with the strictest applicable welding tolerances.

Knowledge and craftsmanship

Transportable subcomponents of the bridge are fabricated and trial erected in the shop so that they can be assembled on site without any problems.

Qualified site welders weld these elements together, while protected from unfavourable weather influences.In our preservation department we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide the work of art with a proper, weather-proof preservation.

A written guarantee, stating that the bridge will be maintenance free for a longer period, can be supplied.

Recent realizations

ISO 9001 - de internationale norm voor kwaliteitsmanagementsystemen Veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu Checklist Aannemers ISO 14001 - de internationaal geaccepteerde standaard met eisen voor een milieumanagementsysteem EN 1090 - Europese normen die de fabricage en montage van staal- en aluminiumconstructies regelen ISO 9001 certificaat